*Temporary* NEW Walk-In HOURS

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*Temporary* NEW Walk-In HOURS

1st  Weekend of each month (11am to 5pm)

October 4th-5th-6th

November 1st-2nd-3rd

December 6th-7th-8th

January 3rd-4th-5th



For our customer's safety and my sanity during our remodeling process and the addition of outdoor landscape, we have decided on a temporary change in our hours.

We will continue to accept ONLINE Orders.  If you are Local (50-mile radius), you may email me your order for pick-up on one of our opening days to avoid shipping charges or we can arrange for a delivery for a $5.00 delivery fee.


We appreciate your understanding during this exciting process and amazing changes we want to bring you!




We are in the process of adding two (2) Make & Take Stations for our customers to stop in and choose a complete affordable decor projects to make while you are here, no appointment needed! 

*We are also building our outdoor patio space for our customers to relax and enjoy your visit and for additional outdoor workshops! 

*Landscaping our front entry and parking lot

*And, of course, the addition for our highly anticipated indoor restrooms, a project drying closet and the cleaning station (woot woot!) YES!!!!

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