About Us

For as long as I can remember, I've rearranged, changed out and updated my surroundings.   I have always had a thing for decorating, DIY, and creating uniqueness. If I could imagine it, I could create it. Just ask my family about the chocolate brown media room, faux batten board hallways,  brick & plaster walls, the antiqued mirrored feature wall in our master bath!

After successfully transform every room I came in contact with, I began to focus on furniture.  When the time came for a career change, The Withered Barn was born. First steps online, then venturing out for a physical location to explore any and all talents, either current or hidden!  I love this little business--the search for vintage and antique furniture, the process of bringing something back to life, trying new paint products, attempting new techniques and designing my workshop space. Most of all, I enjoy seeing my pieces go to their new homes with people who see the same beauty I see. 

The Withered Barn is located in Homedale Idaho, USA.  My furnishings, my network of local finders & makers merchandise are all sold right here in my workshop!  I also do custom work and have an online shop for my favorite products at www.TheWitheredBarn.com and advertised on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Life is Beautiful 

The Withered Barn at Mansisidor Farms

3644 E Market Road, Homedale Idaho USA

(208) 614-0050