IMPORTANT: If you live in an area with seasonal below freezing temperatures, make sure you are tracking your packages and bringing them inside promptly. We are not able to replace paint or other items due to freezing.

I make every attempt to package and ship my products within 24 hrs. However. As a small business owner and a one-woman business. Life happen, so I'm inclined to state that Orders may he shipped within 3 to 10 business days. Any Custom Handmade requested items may take up to three weeks. On occasion there are delays from shipping companies and/or inclement weather that are out of our control. Please feel free to email me anytime and ensure them placing an order to enter a good email to obtain your orders tracking information. I always do my best to fill orders as soon as possible. Email thewitheredbarn@gmail.com

Same packaging time as stated above. You will still receive an email when the order is available for pick up. Contact thewitheredbarn@gmail.com with any questions.

International shipping can anywhere from take up to 4 to 10 weeks, possible unforseen customs delays that are out if my control.  Any additional import fees not charged by us at the time of the order purchase will have to be paid for by the customer.

CANADA: DIY Products cannot be shipped to Canada. If your order includes any DIY Products, your entire order will need to be cancelled and you will need to reorder without those DIY Products in the order, however you may purchase the DIY products from a local Canadian retailer. I can help locate one for you!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We are a small privately owned boutique and we are not in a position to issue refunds, exchanges, etc.  We cannot do add on’s to previous orders.  Please double check that you have everything in your cart. Once the order has been paid it is not possible to add product to the order. Our system simply  will not allow it. Warranties are not expressed or implied. 

We truly appreciate our customers and are here to help and answer all of your questions prior to making a decision to buy product.  We want you to be confident in your choices since once paint and paint products leave our store, there are NO RETURNS or exchanges.  You will find this across the board for stockists.   Think about it- would you ever want a quart of paint sent to you - that was shipped to someone else prior?  We eliminate any potential issues or compromises to your products with this policy.  We receive the product straight from the manufacturer...and send it to you.  No unnecessary handling or shipping, and we guarantee and stand by the quality of all the products we sell because of this!

  •      If you have a question about a color- CALL US! 
  •      If you have a question about the application process and if it is a good fit for your project - CALL US! 
  •      How much product you might need for your project so you do not buy too much - CALL US!

With that said- Choose wisely and do not spontaneously purchase a color if unsure. OK? In fact- if you need help in deciding- ask us. We are here to help you! : )

IF you place an order and need to change something related to it- time is of the essence.  As long as it is still in our shop (meaning not on a UPS truck) than we can accommodate any of your requests, BUT you need to call. 

Please refrain from contacting us through social media messaging, as those can get missed.

Questions can be sent to: theWitheredBarn@gmail.com.