7ft Wood Growth Chart $79.00

7ft Wood Growth Chart $79.00

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Wooden Growth Chart/Ruler- Serendipity House

Create a unique growth chart with paint and IOD Transfers.  Our Oversized Rulers are pieces of art. . . you don’t have to use them as growth charts. These Oversized Rulers will also be the perfect addition to any playroom or classroom. They would also look amazing in your home office or as décor in your living room! They are stunning! These Oversized Rulers measure app. 8″(wide) x 7’ (tall) x 3/4″ (deep). Background Color Choices: Black, Dark Blue, WoodStain

Our Workshops are always ALL-INCLUSIVE, just bring you and be ready for fun, laughter and creativity. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED-WE PROMISE!

Workshop: Wooden Growth Chart-Ruler
Designer: Serendipity House 


Location:   The Withered Barn at Mansisidor Family Farms
                  3644 E Market Road
                  Homedale Idaho 83628         >MAP<
Email:        IdahoMakeryFestival@gmail.com
Ph             (208)-614-0050

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