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Flat (Matte)

Flat has just a tiny bit of sheen, non-yellowing, and It is a complete flat protective finish. Perfect for rustic, shabby chic or any project where you don't want much of a sheen. Great for beginners!!! Matte-Flat is a great choice if you are. And unlike most topcoats out there, Paint Couture has little to NO Odor

Couture Topcoat is a ZERO VOC, clear, non-yellowing, and very durable topcoat. It is a very easy to use, water based product. Couture Topcoat may be applied directly on top of Paint Couture, or it may be applied on top of Glaze Couture. Use it to add a durable finish over chalk or milk paints. This product dries very fast and produces a very hard finish. Provides excellent resistance to water, and adds durability. It is highly recommended for use on kitchen cabinets. It is available in four sheen levels (Dead Flat, Flat (Matte), Satin, & Semi-Gloss). And, unlike so many other Topcoats available there is little to NO odor with Couture Topcoat.

Alternate Uses:

You may think that Topcoat is only used for finishing your piece and sealing in your hard work. There are other ways you can put your topcoat to use though! Before glazing, to give yourself more working time, seal your piece with Flat or Satin. This seals in your paint color for a lighter glaze application or if you’re only looking to get the glaze down in the details of your project.
Another way to use topcoat is if you’re looking to layer colors and distress back through to your base coat. After painting your first color (the color you want to show through when you distress) apply one layer of topcoat to protect it from pulling up when you distress

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