Creative Air Dry Paper Clay

Creative Air Dry Paper Clay

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A good alternative when IOD Air Dry Clay is unavailable

CREATIVE PAPERCLAY-Creative Paper clay Modeling Material. This unique air hardening modeling material requires no firing or baking. It is clean; odorless and easy to use. It can be sculpted; molded or shaped while moist and it accepts and retains fine details. 

This premium-quality modeling material is used by artists and crafters alike, and has become the standard by which other air dry products are measured. It is a natural, off white-colored material that is very pliable, easily shaped or sculpted and takes detail extremely well while moist, so it's also great with molds. This ready-to-use modeling material air dries hard in one to three days (depending on the project's thickness). After curing, it is very lightweight, durable and can be cut or sanded like wood. Color it with any type of paint when project is dry. Perfect for making jewelry, sculptures, dolls, miniatures, ornaments, wall hangings and more.

All natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic. 8 oz

How To Soften Your Paper Clay : Sometimes the paper clay has a fiberous pulp consistency when you buy it. It looks dry and with a lot of small fibers. You can make it smooth and easy to work with by cutting it in small pieces place it in a container spray water on it, close the container and leave it for a few hours