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Shave Soap-All Natural
Shave Soap-All Natural

Shave Soap-All Natural

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Shave Soap
One part chemistry, one part art, one part pure natural oils- every product made is handcrafted in small batches on my farm in Idaho overlooking the Snake River Valley.
Each batch is a story waiting to be told in fragrance and color. Each design an incorporation of intents and chaos, and each recipe a chance to create in my soapy laboratory. I delight in turning mundane ingredients into magical pieces of art you can hold in your hand, and use to nourish your skin.
A hot lather shave is one of those luxuries we have consigned to days of yore. A time long past. Something our grandparents used to do. No Longer. These shave soaps provide a luxurious hot lather from hot water that gives an incredibly smooth and refreshing shaving experience, while only adding a few seconds to your daily grooming routine. 
Scent Notes:
  • Tobacco & Bay: notes of bay leaf, fir needles, cedar, and bergamot with a rich warm tobacco base. A fresh and clean aroma with well-balanced natural notes.
  • Cool Citrus Basil: A blend of fresh, just picked garden greens and basil accented with sparkling lime.
  • Kentucky Bourbon: Smoky, spiced bourbon and top notes of Brazilian orange and bergamot followed by a spicy heart of clove and midnight orchid. Base notes of musk, leather, oak cask, and a hint of patchouli.

Directions: Use hot water to build lather, apply to skin and shave while warm. If using brush to build lather in the tin (our preference), rinse the tin under running water and leave lid off and allow to dry completely.

Perfect with Our 100% Pure Badger Hair Shave Brush!

Appx. 2.8oz jar